R&D Services

R & D Services

Intertech labs Private Limited provides services in Pre formulation development and formulation development for oral solid dosage forms including Ready to fill pellets and Directly compressible granules.. We offer integrated services for new chemical entities, late phase product development and over-the-counter products with focus on quality, speed and cost-efficiency.

Catering to pharmaceutical companies, we also provide extensive pre-formulation studies, formulation development, analytical method development and validation, manufacturing process scale up, stability studies as per ICH guidelines and manufacturing of clinical batches under cGMP environment. Our strong scientific team has a broad range of expertise and experience in collaborative practices with a global customer base for formulation development and analytical support

Formulation Development Services

Pre-formulation Development

At Intertech labs Private Limited Services we recognize the importance of our client’s requirement to develop robust and compliant formulations. Starting with comprehensive pre-formulation services, With our analytical development services supporting our preformulation work, Intertech labs Private Limited can perform full physico-chemical characterization using modern analytical techniques in-house for rapid turn around times. Intertech labs Private Limited evaluates and determines a variety of parameters to arrive at the right formulation using your API.

These may include:

  • Solubility of API in different media and solvents
  • Excipient compatibility studies
  • Dissolution of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API)
  • Accelerated Stability Services under various conditions
  • Solid state analysis (polymorphs, particle size, particle shape etc.

Formulation Services and Capabilities:

  • Formulation development
  • Optimization of existing formulations
  • Product/Process Optimization
  • Novel formulations for improved delivery of existing dosage forms
  • Controlled release and sustained release formulations
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Excipient Compatibility selection and optimization
  • Physico-Chemical Testing
  • Process Scale-Up
  • Technology Transfers
  • Batch manufacture
  • Our expert formulation development group overcomes difficult formulation challenges in a rapid and cost effective manner. Our formulation development services can be utilized independently or with our fully integrated services to accelerate your drug development program.
  • R&D Facilities

The choice of our company for customer is due to the following Reasons.

  • Value added Robust Product Design
  • Qualified , Expertise scientists does know what is the Quality of product that shall be produced to bring customer delightfulness.
  • Deliverables in time with a accountable commitments.
  • Supporting services throughout

What are the Category of Services

  • Formulation Development Services
  • Process validation studies
  • Analytical validation studies
  • Stability studies